Today’s Blue Ray Animal Totem

Superb Blue (Fairy) Wren – Mandala 23 The Sky-Blue Scope

These inspiring and cheery little birds are very adaptive to intrusions of humans and seasonal changes. Superb Blue Wrens are at home where ever they are. They move about jauntily foraging for insects and larvae while maintaining their territories and use the energy of their little community to protect their territory and be aware of any danger. They teach you in how to be resourceful, let go and use flexibility when faced with intrusion or find opposition in life. They ask you, is it time to shift the way you are thinking and allow a change of perspective. Their wisdom is about using male and female energy correctly.When the Wren with its brown colours (female) appears it is suggesting you get on with your mundane chores to achieve your creative endeavours and goals. While the sight of the Wren with its bright blue coat (male) is letting you know it is time to show your true colours and let those around know what you are capable of.

Be open to inspiration and let the music into your day!

One thought on “Today’s Blue Ray Animal Totem

  1. thankyou for the lovely message we have so many of these lovely birds in our garden most of the time.

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